Environmental Protection and Sustainability

To protect our environment...

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

To protect our environment...

The flora and fauna of the Nockberge region is diverse, impressive and our elixir of life. From this environment we draw strength and energy. The beauty of our mountains, forests, rivers and lakes thus lays important foundations for our tourism economy.

In order to reduce our impact on this special environment, we are making a holistic effort to lead the Hotel Almrausch into an environmentally friendly future. We have already taken the following measures:

Nature is the great rest to our mobility. That is why man will love her more and more as he becomes more refined and agile.

Christian Morgenstern

In-house photovoltaic system

As a hotel business, we require a lot of energy.

That's why it's a big challenge for us to manage this high energy demand in the most climate-neutral way possible.

It is particularly important to us to avoid fossil fuels and exhaust-rich energy supplies. Therefore, we are particularly proud that we have our own photovoltaic system with a peak output of 21 kWp on the hotel roof since 23.5.2018 and can thus meet part of this high electricity demand, with the help of the Carinthian sun itself. 

Current: (17.11.2022)

Saved CO2 emissions: 18.933,8 kg

Equivalent to trees planted: 565

Our regional producers

from Bad Kleinkirchheim and Carinthia

Spend your holiday at Hotel Almrausch and enjoy regional and seasonal culinary delights at the restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim! Host Josef Juritz, wine and cheese sommelier as well as Carinthian gourmet innkeeper awarded with the AMA seal of quality, will take you on a delicious journey through kitchen and cellar.

Energy Saving

In many areas in the hotel, we use motion sensors to reduce our electricity usage. As an Almrausch guest, you can also help us save electricity by switching off the lights when you leave your room. Furthermore, we are constantly upgrading our lighting to LED.

Biowärme Bad Kleinkirchheim

For our heating and hot water, we draw energy from the nearest district heating (850 m from the hotel). The fuel supply comes exclusively from Carinthian forests, predominantly from Bad Kleinkirchheim and the upper Gurktal.

Saving water

To be as careful as possible with the raw material water, we also ask you as our guests for support. In the bathrooms you will find signs informing you that your towels will only be changed when needed (towels on the floor: please wash; towels on the hook: will be reused).

Digital Guest Folder "Guest Friend"

To significantly reduce our need for paper, we offer our guests a free APP Gastfreund, as a digital guest folder. Thus, you receive with your smartphone, tablet or PC a lot of information for your stay at the Hotel Almrausch, the holiday region Bad Kleinkirchheim/Nockberge and much more.

Digital invoice & registration form

Our guests can fill out their registration form in advance and sign it at reception using a tablet. No proforma invoice or invoice will be printed. The guest can check the bill on a tablet at reception. The invoice will be sent by email. In this way, we can save even more paper and protect our environment.

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