Winter Hiking

in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Winter hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Enjoy hiking at the 4-star Hotel Almrausch

Winter wonder hiking through untouched nature. The Bad Kleinkirchheim region is a real dream destination for this. Crystals, icicles and untouched winter landscape. Let your heart and soul dangle and feel how everything falls away. The everyday life, the stress, step by step a new lightness spreads. Who does not dream of enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, let your gaze wander, inhale the glitter and sparkle of the snow crystals and let the clear air form little clouds? Romantic, idyllic and unique in its variety, winter hiking celebrates winter with all it has to offer.

Winter hiking

and its benefits

Snowshoeing evenly revs up the body, thereby vitalizing the immune system. This is exactly why winter hiking is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional winter sports such as skiing and cross-country skiing. In addition, the stress reduction is promoted and thus the entire organism and the health holistically strengthened. Snowshoeing and winter hiking is an excellent endurance training with positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It is a harmless sport that anyone can learn in just a few hours. In addition, the winter vitamin D of the high altitude sun at up to 2,000 m in the Nockberge mountains does body and mind good. In addition, the bright light has a positive effect on the psyche - and snowshoe hiking is pure stress relief and deceleration.

Around the Hotel Almrausch, 60 km of cleared winter hiking trails lead past untouched slopes, through idyllic valleys and deeply snow-covered forests in winter. Sturdy shoes on your feet and well wrapped up in warm clothes you trudge through the winter wonderland - sunshine moments for nature connoisseurs!


as a sporty alternative

The magnificent nature of the Nockberge mountains fascinates with its deep snow-covered landscape and inspires wonderful winter and snowshoe hikes. Enjoy the impressive view of the gentle peaks, the view up to the peaks of the Hoen Tauern and experience winter from its gentle side. Due to the constant movement in the fresh air with or without snowshoes, just as you like it, you won't get cold even during extensive winter hiking tours. Winter vibes on the mountain for inner peace and a new sense of freedom will make you want to go further.


needs to be learned

Basically, walking with snowshoes is quickly learned You walk a little wider and the similarity to duck walking is undeniable, but the important thing is to always move diagonally. Whereby the foot is never lifted all the way up and placed back on the snow surface, but the snowshoe is guided through the snow parallel to the ground.

Snowshoeing means going uphill, straight down the fall line. This involves kicking the claws of the snowshoes into the ground. Crossing sideways is not recommended, as it is far too easy to slip away. It is also best to walk downhill in the direction of the fall. In any case, all muscles are stressed, arms and legs - body tension helps immensely.

Snowshoe Tour

to the Brunnachhöhe

A real winter dream is the snowshoe tour to the Brunnachhöhe at almost 2,000 meters above sea level. The starting point is the mountain station of the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach, from there the romantic snow-covered path leads along the back of the Nockberge mountains towards Brunnachgatter. While you trudge comfortably in the snow, you should stop every now and then, take a deep breath and enjoy the breathtaking view and the untouched nature. From here you can look directly at the highest peak of the Nockberge, the Rosennock. The walking time for this tour is around 1.5 hours, depending on your personal pace.

Sonnenschein Card in Winter

  • Free snowshoe hikes (guided by Sportschule Krainer)
  • 10 % discount on the ascent and descent for pedestrians and winter hikers when staying overnight in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region.
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